Alessia Tedeschi Golden Thong Bikini Booty

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bill-swift - May 29, 2015

Alessia Tedeschi has the spring has sprung booty of a goddess. In a more civilized land we would legally compel women like Alessia to wear thongs 7x24x365 whenever in public which would be all the time since that would be our very second law passed. Fortunately, even without compulsion, Alessia frequents the beaches of Miami on vacation to flash her epic twin cheeks.

Rumored to be the new girlfriend of soccer superstar Ronaldo, well, I just said that to make you hate him more than you already do for being such a lucky bastard. If she would lose those silly sunglasses and also perhaps her top, these could be some of the best bikini photos ever. Please. Just a thought. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Splash