Alexa Reynen Topless Platinum Blonde Beauty

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brian-mcgee - June 9, 2017

Is there anything more amazing in this world than the simple elegant beauty of a topless woman shot in black and white? These photos of Alexa Reynen topless certainly go a long way toward making that argument for me. The way the light catches her body and the incredible way her pert little nipples are accentuated by her pale skin makes this case fairly air tight.

Sure these pictures of Alexa Reynen naked would have looked equally amazing in full, vivid color, but black and white equals sexy for some reason. It's that vintage feel, like you're looking at something taboo, something you shouldn't be privy to, and yet there it is in all its glory for you to behold. Maybe it's just that I have a vintage fetish and secretly hope that someone invents a time machine so I can go back in time and screw my way through history. What would put such a detailed thought in your head? 

I think the closest we'll get to time travel in my lifetime is just staring at these black and white photos of Alexa Reynen nude and pretending that they're from another era. That's probably the closest we'd be able to actually get to her too. Enjoy!

Images via PSM Magazine