All The Very Best Of: Carla Gugino’s Nude Scenes

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aldo-vallon - February 5, 2018

 Carla Gugino is the hottest actress name I never knew. She is like that hot girl from school that you used to see every now and then, and you'd think to yourself, "Gee, I should really look up her information." And you said gee because you went to school in the '50s. But you never did get her info because you were lazy and there was always some other girl that was more easy to google. And then years later she pops up on your Facebook feed as someone that you may know. Then you say to yourself, "I remember her." 

You request her friendship thinking, "Maybe this will be the day that a fire is stared in our romantic lives." But nothing ever happens because it is Facebook and they are not real friendships. She does not even accept the request because she has no idea who you are because you did not have the stones to talk to her back in the day. Well, that is the kind of actress that Carla is, and now you all understand what that means.



Photo Credit: Mr. Skin