All The Very Best Of: Charlize Theron’s Best Nude Scenes In Movies

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aldo-vallon - February 10, 2018

 Hmm, it isn't a very original look, but it does look good on Charlize. She is wearing the equivalent to a Chippendale's dancer's uniform, which is not much of a uniform at all. It has piqued my interest now and is making me want to see her do a little dance number to Loverboy's Working For The Weekend. She might even be able to give Patrick Swayze a run for his money, God rest his soul.

I always had a feeling that Avril Lavigne's usage of a tie was not all that original, and now I know she was just ripping off Charlize's style, or at least the style of her wardrobe designer. As far as I am aware Avril never had the stones to go topless with the tie, and that is why she is never going to be considered the best. Well, for that reason and because she has not put out a decent track since Sk8er Boi. That one in particular always spoke to me, because I, too, was illiterate and thought that numbers could be substituted for letters at will. Unfortunately my English teacher did not agree, and here I am.



Photo Credit: Mr. Skin