All The Very Best Of: Salma Hayek’s Nude Scenes In Movies

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aldo-vallon - January 20, 2018

   Those of you not familiar with the awesomeness of Desperado need to take one hour and fourty-seven minutes out of your day and watch it. Not only will you get to see Salma Hayek's body in its prime, but you will also get to see guitar cases used as weapons. As an added bonus you can also squint your eyes and imagine what a long haired Antonio Banderas would look like with a pair of exceptional fun bags. 

This might not be an image that you wanted to have in your mind, or knew that you wanted, but if I am stuck with it burned in my retinas, then I would like as many others to be afflicted with it as possible. You can have a taste of what you are in for with this still, so those with the constitution to move forward may proceed with a solid understanding of what they are in for. 

As a child I could not take my eyes away from the simulated sex on the screen. At that time Salma was the most beautiful thing that I had ever seen. Now I am having a hard time not looking at the dozen open flames they have surrounding them and am thinking about the danger they pose. Growing up sucks. 



Photo Credit: Mr. Skin