Allie Berman Topless and Smoking Hot, Also, Smoking

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bill-swift - June 23, 2017

I'm a super huge fan of hot girls laying topless in their stockings in bed. Not so much the cigarette smoking. I think Los Angeles has worn off on me finally. Not that I'd ask the wicked sextastic and organically boobtaatic Allie Berman to snuff out her tobacco whilst rolling in her sheets. She could drop a sledgehammer on my bobos and I'd not say a negative word. In fact, I pay extra for that service.

The young alt fashion and figure model is posed effortlessly topless with cigarette in this Jenna Putnam photo shoot in Allie's boudoir. Her inner sanctum of hotness where I like to imagine she spends hours a day smashing her bare funbags up against her soft sheets. In fact, I'm imagining it now. This new wave of au natural in your face and no clothes young American models is quite the positive trend. My arrow seems to be pointed up the chart, as it were. Seriously though, can the cig. Daddy doesn't want to have to spank you. Did I write that out loud again? Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Jenna Putnam