Amber Rose Topless For Twitter

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bill-swift - March 21, 2016

Amber Rose decided to post a topless photo of herself to Twitter because, well, because she can. Twitter allows nudity where Facebook and Instagram do not, providing Twitter with it's one reason for being. Or as the French like to see, tits. Amber Rose doesn't need a lot of justification to be naked. While social media is quite censoring of the bare funbags, Amber Rose is quite open about her stripper past, and her willingness to do what it takes to get the job done. In this case, the job of visual titillation and more followers. In social media there is money if you have bare hooters like Amber Rose.

Take that Kim Kardashian. I'm not saying that, i think that was the point of her posting versus Kim who posted a censored nude selfie to Instagram. This is how all wars should be fought in the future. Teat to teat. Let the most righteous melons win. I'll judge. Naturally. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Twitter