Angele Vivier Nip Slip On ‘Les Flamboyants’

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bill-swift - November 29, 2016

So maybe you haven't been keeping up with your French soap operas of late, but then you've missed model and thespianic and all-around hottie Angele Vivier slipping her beautiful nipples on the end of her stupendous funbags on French television. It's France. They're a little obsessed with censoring teat slips than in the U.S. where naked female bodies on daytime television would cause multiple volcanoes to erupt and pearl clutchers to tug extra hard on their necklaces. In France, c'est la vie.

Angele reminds us that television is now a worldwide established media, as our craptastic shows and soaps, all of which leads to the point that there are beautiful women being employed to be stunning on boob tubes across the known continents. Sometimes, you need to look to France to see an alluring woman's mam hanging out of her dress top in a shot live to air with no time or inclination to edit. And this I do. For you. I'm your saint. Say a prayer. Enjoy

Photo Credit: 'Les Flamboyants'