Anna Barendregt Topless Shoot for VOLO Leaves Me Weak in the Knees

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bill-swift - April 23, 2014

When I hear anything 'Ukraine' in the news, I can't help it. I just flash to thoughts of so many crazy hot typically blonde beauties who ultimately leave the nest for modeling and making smiles worldwide. It's just the cradle of so much sextastic, I hope we are able to come to some peaceful resolution that allows its production of wicked hot ladies to continue. The world needs this now more than ever.

Case in point, Anna Barendregt featured in the new Spring edition of my very favorite VOLO magazine. VOLO seems to share my similar taste in plain straight up alluring women, something that seems to be dwindling in printed periodicals these days due to publicity pressure and corporate ownership and all. Not that I'm into crank old man status yet, but if I were, I'd still gladly let Anna Barendregt on my lawn. I'd probably even turn on the sprinklers and encourage to run around in her underwear. Even when I'm older and cranky I'm still going to be super horny. Just a wild prediction. Enjoy.

(Do be sure to check out Anna's full pictorial and background in VOLO, she's a keeper.)