Nora Moles is Nude in a Pond

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egoadmin - January 3, 2020

Her name is Nora Moles and she's out here posing in what looks like a pond...fully nude.

She seems to be based in the UK, possibly from Spain and her instagram is @NoraMoles and these pics were shot by someone named Emmet Green so everyone say thanks to Emmet. It's the polite thing to do.

I did some basic digging to see what Nora Moles' deal is, seeing as she had so few followers on instagram, yet looks so good naked in this shoot, I felt it was an injustice. That is why I swooped in like the hero I am to give you perverts a glimpse into her existence and to help get her cast in some Hollywood movies.

As it turns out, she is an aspiring actress who is looking for work on a site I've never heard of called STAR NOW and MANDY and BACKSTAGE which is not and I repeat NOT....backpages.

So casting directors, producers and writers out there, give Nora Moles a shot and maybe she'll let you play "connect the dots" with her Moles, you know since it's her name and thus her duty.

Either way, great way to launch a career! Good luck to you Nora. I am a believer.