Anne Hathaway’s Coinslot Was The Best Part Of Serenity, And Now You Can See It

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earl-jonas - May 2, 2019


The plot for the Anne Hathaway, Diane Lane, and Matthew McConaughey-led sexual thriller Serenity actually seems pretty cool, until you realize that the movie isn't a Sharknado spinoff. It's a real movie. With a director and everything. The drama unfolds when Hathaway begs her ex, McConaughey, to kill off her abusive new lover by taking him out on a fishing trip and feeding him to sharks. Oh did we mention McCaughey's character found solace after his divorce by becoming a remote fishing captain or something? Still not sure where Tara Reid comes in.



Anyfreakingway the point is that we do get to see Anne Hathaway's coinslot in one scene, and since Serenity is sitting pretty with 19% on Rotten Tomatoes, something tells me her coinslot is the best part of the flick. To make this little nudity update less tragic I've thrown in some of Hathaway's breast nude moments in the gallery. Serenity... wow?


Photo Credit: Mr. Skin via Aviron Pictures