Anthea Page Topless Shower

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bill-swift - May 12, 2016

If you happen to dig super hot natural models who like to shower at the beach showing off their sensational udders, then prepare to re-fall in lust with Anthea Page. Anthea is one of those women so attractive that it's a heaven sent blessing that you don't have to even ask her to take off her clothes. She just instinctively knows it's what you want.

There may be nothing more enticing than a sensuous woman removing her bikini and smiling for your viewing pleasure. Though I'd like to search to the ends of the earth trying to find something. Anthea Page, you're doing the Lord's work. Also my work, so bless you and your alluring female form. More showers please. I'm feeling particularly dirty. Enjoy. 

Photo Credit: Cameron Mackie