April Showers Bring May Deflowering Scenes (Top 10 Hottest Deflowering Scenes Ever)

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earl-jonas - May 1, 2019


As the old elementary school idiom goes, April showers bring hottest May deflowering scenes in history. Hey, I went to public school in the South. Things are different down there. Today we're ripping off this playlist with a roundup of the hottest scenes featuring women losing their virginity. While the theme may seem oddly specific, there are actually a ton of scenes featuring super hot actresses getting a de in their flowers.



These include Liv Tyler, Bo Derek, Dakota Johnson, Jennifer Jason Leigh, and of course the incomparable Eva Green. And yes, Michelle Johnson is only on this top ten list because she technically deflowers her bush with actual physical flowers. Hope you don't hate us too much. Can I get a hymen. I mean amen.

See all of the full scenes here

Photo Credit: Mr. Skin