Ashley Salazar Topless Honey Covered Hotness

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bill-swift - November 30, 2013

I love it when a plan comes together. Or, a hot model and pourable honey. Miss Playboy Social for 2013, Ashley Salazar must surely have known about my penchant for drippy gooey edible spread on hot nekkid lady parts, because she sent us this faptastic photoshoot she titled 'Call Me Honey' to share with the Egotastic! reading and happy happy private time viewing world.

I'm not prepared to call this straight out of my dreams, that would have to include the hot French housemaid who cleans up the sticky mess while I command her from my throne with built in remote control for my flatscreen TV, but it's sure damn close. Oh, honey makes such a delightful mess on the bare chesty and booty goodness of Ashley Salazar. My post-Thanksgiving coma is over. I need to be fed! Enjoy.

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