Ashley Smith Covered Topless Woodsy Weird and Wonderful Photoshoot for Oyster Magazine

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bill-swift - September 28, 2012

First, by way of disclaimer, yes, we did all chuckle when we heard there was a periodical called Oyster magazine with pictures of hot chicks inside. Not exactly like my friend Bunny Bustamante's short-lived Clam magazine, which only reached one edition, with a circulation that included the Bustamante family and a couple relatives of the neighbor dude who provided the 'talent' for the basement shoots.

But, nomenclature kidding aside, Oyster magazine did put together quite an amazing pictorial of the 21-year old hottie fashion model Ashley Smith, a girl in the fashion world known for having actual real woman boobs, and though not completely on display in this kind of weirdly sexy Oyster shoot, still quite noteworthy for an industry that favors slender-reed girls with tiny boyish chests. We'll take Ashley tramping half-nekkid through the woods any day. Enjoy.