Audrey Aleen Allen Sunset Stripper

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aldo-vallon - February 10, 2018

 Every time I see Audrey Aleen Allen's name I cannot help but think there is a typo. Her parents are either illiterate hillbillies, or they have a cruel sense of humor. Who would willing subject their daughter to a lifetime of correcting people about how to properly spell her name? If I say her name out loud it sounds like I am misspeaking and then correcting myself. "Did you see that new shoot with Audrey Aleen--er, I mean Allen." 

A word to the wise: If you do not have a middle name in mind when you are filling out your child's birth certificate then don't write one down. It is as simple as that. It is not legally required, so you can leave it blank. And if you come up with one later on then you can always add it. It is not as if a person who is missing a name is going to have an identity crisis. Ulysses Grant only had an S added to his name because some man wrote it down wrong and he went with it. And that man became president! 




Photo Credit: Playboy Plus