Australia Hottie Alexandra Apostolidis Topless Covered In Sand

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bill-swift - February 11, 2016

Yume magazine is dedicated to working with and exposing models with stellar all natural lean bodies and lifelike because they are funbags. It's a simple quest which I wholeheartedly support in all ways including being the guy to hold the soft velvet to wipe the sand off the body of Alexandra Apostolidis as she prances along the shoreline quite alluring and Siren like.

Alexandra hails from Down Under which means she's automatically polite, cheeky, and very comfortable with her body. As it turns out, I'm also very polite thanks to several childhood beatings and I'm extremely comfortable with Alexandra's body. As for cheeky, we can get into that once were alone Alexandra and discussing all the places I'd like to see you run across naked. The list is long, but let's go through it over coffee and endless rounds of sweaty sex. I'll be the one sweating, it's a compliment. You are ever so ho. More please. Much much more. Enjoy. 

Photo Credit: Yume Magazine