Bad Movie ‘Water’ Has Some Big Crazily Shaped Boobs That You Need To See And Comment On Plz

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earl-jonas - November 12, 2019

I like boobs that think outside of the box, and I certainly get that and more with what sexy blonde actress Michelle Miller delivers in shitty 2019 movie Water. The horror flick is about the seemingly harmless water coursing through the pipes of a seemingly innocent house in Arizona. However the water soon proves to be a meddling and evil presence that takes no prisoners on its destructive path. H2whOa.


But we're here to talk about Michelle Miller. In one scene she strips out of her clothes to get into the pool and we can see that her boobs don't conform to societal normals. Miller truly is the Picasso of breasts, and needless to say, this scene has my pants in the splash zone. Hey Michelle, Water you doing later? ;)


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