Dead in the Hotel Bed with Kaya Noid

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egoadmin - January 8, 2020

Her name is Kaya Noid, she's on INSTAGRAM and also pushing her fan / membership / subscription platform that we can all relate to because we remember the era of Thumbnail Gallery Posts and the "teen model" companies that would bait us in for those monthly payments, only now the girls are doing it themselves, and the girls aren't Kate's Playgound or NextDoorNikki, they are EVERYONE and ANYONE who is like "selling nudes is way better than working" and some of these girls are making 100k a month doing it. It's MENTAL.

I call this "Dead in a Hotel Bed" because that's what one of the pics look like - but that doens't mean the rest where she's alive aren't awesome and it doesn't mean you're not into the one where she looks dead because you are a deeply damaged soul, but remember you're not the one who took that pic, so that's ok.