Victoria’s Secret Model Barbara Di Creddo Naked For Lui

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bill-swift - July 15, 2016

When Victoria's Secret models get naked, that's when it's time to stand up and take notice. Then quickly sit down before you embarrass yourself. Brazilian bombshell lean mean boner making machine Barbara Di Creddo took some time off from her panties and lingerie manufacturer pimping to get naked for Lui magazine. Lui is quickly making a reputation for itself as the premiere periodical for all things prurient hot and undressed ladies. Which means probably the best magazine of any kind.

Barbara and her killing-me-not-so-softly tan lines forms the epic visuals of a tight booty I shall never ever forget. If I could have that asstastic tattooed on the backs of my eyelids, I'd ask for no novocaine so I could experience the entire creative process. Barbara, you are beyond magical, you are udderly faptastic. I want to make so many babies with you that population control organizations use us as their worst case couple. Such is the depth and breadth of our passion and sweat. Mostly mine really, but just agree to go along and not call Uber. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Lui Magazine