Becca Hiller Topless Hills

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brian-mcgee - May 23, 2017

I really hate using the word hills to describe a woman's breasts, but when confronted with the sight of Becca Hiller topless, it's really the only synonym that will do. This dirty blonde beauty has one of the most perfectly perky pairs I've seen in quite some time, and when you consider that a substantial portion of my day involves staring at bare breasts, that's not a statement I make lightly.

South African photographer Henrik Purienne is a master of light and shadow as demonstrated in these sumptuous pictures of Becca Hiller's hellaciously hot hills. He's got more than a passing interest in her breasts and the way he uses the natural light to accentuate their natural beauty makes me truly envious. I only wish I could spend the better part of a day with a topless Becca Hiller, waiting for the sun to hit those beautiful hills of hers in just the right way and then snapping a picture to preserve the moment for posterity. 

There's a lot of people whose jobs I envy, but none more so than any photographer who gets to spend their time with Becca Hiller. She seems like the perfect muse for most any photographer, but I'm glad she hooked up with one that knows how to draw out perfection in this way. Enjoy!

Images via Henrik Purienne