Bel Powley And Madeleine Waters Topless In “The Diary Of A Teenage Girl”

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bill-swift - January 6, 2016

Bel Powley and Madeleine Waters took off their clothes and got down and dirty in The Diary of a Teenage Girl. Bel in particular spends a lot of time in this movie with her clothes off. She examines herself in the mirror, goes exploring, if you will. She then experiments with lesbionics with Madeleine in a particularly steamy scene. There is nothing like a couple of sexy ladies going at it to get the old blood pumping. That's what I love about indie movies like this. There is always lots of sex and people experimenting with their sexuality and whatnot. It almost makes going to the art house cinema and paying exorbitant prices worth it. Almost. 

Personally, I prefer to wait until they are put on Netflix or something. It's an easy distribution tool for indies and they all go there eventually. 

Photo Credit: "The Diary Of A Teenage Girl" Archer Gray Productions