Best of Natalie Dormer Nude Pics for Her Birthday

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aldo-vallon - February 11, 2018

Natalie Dormer really should have been on my radar earlier if I'd known she was showing her jumblies when she was on The Tudors. I could have had about five extra years of youthful Dormer material in my life. Although the great thing about having things caught on film is that it will last until the end of time. It is fitting that the title of her first full frontal episode of Game of Thrones was titled “What is Dead May Never Die”, because her body will be going the distance for sure.

So, as I say in regards to all the other times when I have missed the boat: It is better that it happens late rather than never. That is why I am taking this moment to give thanks for having her boobs in my life for as long as they already have been. And a special thanks for her young fun bags finding their way to me. It is like having the prodigal son return. Sure I am upset that they were not with me this entire time, but they are here now, and that is what is important.  


Photo Credit: MrSkin.com