Bianca Elouise Complains Because Her Nipples Are CLEARLY Visible In $1100 Bathing Suit

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earl-jonas - July 15, 2019


I guess life isn't easy for anyone. Bianca Elouise is a social media influencer and bikini designer, but for her dip in Miami Beach, she decided to test out the competition's wares. Big mistake. Elouise took to her Instagram Story to inform us that this Chanel bathing suit cost her a cool $1100, and yet it still couldn't do its job of covering her nipple. Once the white fabric got wet, Bianca accidentally and unknowingly and definitely not-on-purposely hosted her own wet bathing suit contest in front of a half dozen paps. But her pain is our gain. Because we have these super hot pics to commemorate the event. Elouise, don't go too hard on Chanel. Containing your huge awesome boobs can't be an easy feat. Coco didn't know. She didn't know...


Photo Credit: MEGA, Instagram