BIRTHDAY SUIT: All Of Michelle Rodriguez’ Hottest Nude Scenes For Her Birthday!

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aldo-vallon - July 12, 2018

Hollywood’s resident tough chick is still showing young women how to realistically portray a character that knows how to both give and take a punch. That kind of talent cannot easily be taught to a person. Actors have a hard enough time looking like they actually know how to run or throw a ball. I know that most of these people spent their early years in theater, but if they were really serious about this job then I’d have thought they would diversify their skills.

Michelle actually uses firearms in her spare time. She does not need an acting contract to tell her to play the part. And that is why she is so convincing. See, I don’t dance ever, so I certainly am not going to go head to head against Channing Tatum when Step Up 14: In Space starts casting. It does not matter if I can out act him, he still has the skillz that killz, and that simply cannot be taught.

So my advice to anyone trying to land roles that reside far outside of their normal character then I recommend faking it until you make it. Become the lie that you are trying to be on screen, unless that role is the Joker.


Photo Credit: Mr. Skin