BIRTHDAY SUIT: ‘Entourage’ Actress Lisa Rinna’s Hottest Nude And Bikini Pics For Her Birthday!

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aldo-vallon - July 11, 2018

I don’t mean to be too crude, but I feel compelled to be honest. I would definitely still hit it.

Despite falling outside of my normal age limit, I think Lisa Rinna is well worth awarding amnesty to. So what if she is twice my age, I am not looking to make a mother out of her. Besides, the age limit is only a guideline anyway. I only created it in order to help corral my low standards that are normally brought on by the desperation of last call. They were never intended to apply to my sober mind making a calculated decision. I’ll be damned if I let the one responsible rule that I implemented in my life screw me over now. If Jane Seymour is still an eligible lay, and we all know that she is, then I see no reason why the same cannot apply to Lisa.

I think a new rule needs to be implemented in my life. If I know how hot an older woman was in her prime then hooking up with her now is acceptable, because when the lights go dim I can just pretend that is who they still are. Yeah, I think I am delusional enough to make that work.


Photo Credit: Mr. Skin