BIRTHDAY SUIT: See Katie Holmes Totally Nude In “The Gift” For Her Big Day!

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brian-mcgee - December 18, 2018

Long before the Church of Scientology selected her as L. Ron Cruise's next spouse, Katie Holmes was breaking hearts all over the place with her wholesome image and smoldering girl next door good looks. Too often we forget just how earth shattering it was when Katie went topless in 2000's The Gift, and how that's a moment most of us will never forget.

Late in the film, Katie strips down in a flashback for her murderous beau Greg Kinnear, and gave the world its first—and to date, only—full on, well lit view of both of her bare breasts. It's a scene for the ages, and perhaps it's the fact that she hasn't gone nude since that has only made this scene grow sexier over the years.

It's a real shame that Katie never went nude again, but as I alluded to, it's probably what makes this scene and this movie stay in people's minds. No one would be talking about that movie otherwise, which is nice for Sam Raimi. I'm sure he's happy to collect a residual check whenever this movie comes on TV. So happy birthday Katie Holmes, your rack truly is The Gift that keeps on giving!

Photo Credit: Mr. Skin