BIRTHDAY SUIT: Supermodel Lottie Moss Poses Topless In Advance Of Her 21st

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aldo-vallon - January 10, 2019

It is hard for me to believe that Lottie Moss is only just now turning twenty-one. Her uncanny resemblance to her sister, Kate, makes it feel like she has been around for a couple decades already.

I was too young to appreciate her sister when she was in her prime, but I am not too young this time. That is why I will make damn sure to appreciate every one of these pictures. I am feeling so energized right now that I might even be able to go back and appreciate each of them a second time. Normally it takes me twenty-four hours in order to perform like that, but right now I feel like I can give Jack Lalanne a run for his money when it comes to a feat of strength.

I know that it is all she has ever known, so it probably doesn’t feel weird, but it must have been an odd experience growing up with the world’s hottest model as your older sister. I mean, I only had an older brother, so I think even having an older sister at all has to be weird. But looking up to a face like Kate’s and wondering if you’ll ever measure up has got to weigh heavy on the brain.




Photo Credit: MEGA / Instagram / Twitter