British Hottie Imogeen Poots Makes Her Topless Debut in Frank and Lola

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bill-swift - December 12, 2016


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I can't imagine filming an intensive making of the sexy scene with agro-method actor Michael Shannon is all that stress free. Perhaps this will prepare the delicious Britty thespianic Imogen Poots for our love making scene off-camera. Wherein I'll cry and beg and weep openly. I'm method too. Though my methods are far more prurient and, fairly enough, somewhat pathetic.

Imogeen makes her topless film debut in this psychosexual noir film, Frank and Lola. I don't have much use for psycho or noir, but the sexual part led to us being able to see her funbags for the first time which is worth more than all the Oscars in the world combined. This is why God invented the moving pictures. So that we could see our dreams stream before our eyes. Also, he gets a piece of the popcorn action. Oh, Imogen, I'm in lust with you all over again. Let's rehearse! Enjoy.