Caitlin Stasey Topless Flash On Instagram

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bill-swift - June 16, 2016

Caitlin Stasey the minxy hottie Australian soap opera starlet and modern day feminist blogger and lover of showing off her body in support of her social causes, supported her own game by flashing her bare sweet funbags on Instagram, which certainly is going to set off the red alerts in Zuckerberg headquarters. The Free the Nipple campaigns and other similar efforts we can get behind for their means justify the ends visual displays, have been protesting the social media outlet's ban on women's bare tops for years now.

While it seems a futile protest given that Instagram for all its flaws belongs to a somebody who doesn't want bare breasts on his network, you can't help but continue to one-handed applause the protestors. Job well done, Caitlin. I think you can do more. Take that as a challenge. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Instagram