Sara Maurizi Getting Milky on the Beach!

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Tex Hollywood - July 17, 2020

I don't know much about this shoot, besides it being of a skinny blonde girl in what looks like lingerie, but it could be a bikini, I mean the crossover between lingerie and bikini in this era is too hard for a simpleton like me to differentiate.

I do know that she's also got a mesh top on and with a mesh top, you can see everything you'd want to see, especially since we can assume that they are in Europe where topless is the only real bikini top allowed on beaches, which makes me wonder why I don't live in Europe, I mean breasts have had such an influence on my life choices, you'd think I'd go where the breasts are to live out my days, but why bother, since all the breasts worth seeing know to post those breasts to social media!

Then there's the milk, which is definitely not the obvious prop for a beach shoot, but a welcomed one! Let's just hope she's not lactose intolerant, because if I've learned anything about Lactose Intolerance and bikinis, it is that they don't really go hand in hand.

You can follow her on instagram if you SMASH THIS LINK BUTTON , she calls herself Lolita, which is pretty pervy.


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