Caroline Flack Topless Bikini Change In Miami

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bill-swift - January 5, 2016

British TV presenter Caroline Flack decided that she didn't want to go to a changing room to put on a different bikini top while vacationing in Miami. It's a pain. You've got to find a place to do which usually means going into some disgusting beach bathroom. Having been in the bathrooms on Miami beach I can't' say as I blame her. So, she just took her top off and let herself hang free for a moment while she changed. Caroline has a spectacular pair of ta-tas. They are a perfect size with just a slight upturn of the nipples. It makes the boobs seem mischievous, like they are up to not good. And I guess they are not because I don't think you are supposed to go topless on the beach in Miami. Naughty, naughty.

I wish more women, especially hot ones, would follow Caroline's example and just throw caution to the wind and take those tops off at the beach. What's the worse that happens? You get a ticket? Worth it. 

Photo Credit: FameFlynet