Check Out Nicole Kidman Totally Nude From 1986’s “Windrider” Now In HD

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aldo-vallon - August 12, 2018

If I was planning on riding any wind I do not think my birthday suit would be my first choice for attire. My lifelong experience with gentle breezes tells me the wind is no friend to the human body temperature. I would be much more comfortable in a parka, or at the very least a windbreaker. That is literally what they were made for. They break the wind. If you do not intend on wearing one when you are riding it then when would you?

Come to think of it, there are not many things that I would care to ride naked. Nude motorcycle riding seems like it would lead to road rash in all of the worst places if you ever hit the ground. I suppose women get a lot more pleasure out of being naked on a Sybian saddle than if they were wearing clothes. I can see how even the tightest pair of jeans would hinder the overall experience. But as a man, I have yet to come up with a single instance of something I would be happier to ride in the nude. I suppose a big wheel tricycle would have limited risk to it.


Photo Credit: Mr. SkinĀ