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aldo-vallon - January 16, 2018

 I watched multiple seasons of House of Cards waiting for Rachel's fun bags to make an appearance only to be disappointed in the end. If a girl is playing a prostitute it feels a bit disingenuous to withhold that aspect of her services. If I watched a movie about Picasso I expect to see him painting, you know what I mean?

It would seem Rachel is making up for lost time with her latest venture, and I applaud her gumption. It seems most shows that are not on cable enjoy taking full frontal advantage of not being confined to their old timey rules. I remember staying up late as a kid to watch the infomercials for the dirty movies and even those blocked out the fun bits. All a kid needs now for a first class ticket to boob town is a subscription to Netflix and ten minutes alone. I'd be lying if I said I was not a tad jealous. Those struggles of my youth made me into the man I am today, which isn't much but I can't complain.  


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