Too Curvy Model Christine Sofie Johansen Naked

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bill-swift - July 13, 2016

Danish double sweet mams model Christine Sofie Johansen has faced discrimination her entire life. Though not the kind you might expect. She was determined to be a fashion model, and turned away since a teen because her breasts and butt were too curvy. Imagine stating that sentence in the negative. 

Christine fought back the best way possible. Taking off her clothes and making everybody feel stupid for ever doubting that she should get whatever the hell she asks for because that's how nature works best. Bow down to the sextastic woman with the perfectly plump udders. You don't have to ask me twice. Nor Lui magazine which brought her boobtastic goodness to the spotlight. So damn nice I wish I could climb right through this monitor and play kitty fight. I'm trying. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Lui Magazine