Claudia Thompson Topless by the Window

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elliot-wolf - August 29, 2017

I know most people will tell you Folgers in your cup is the best part of waking up. But those people haven't woken up next to a topless Claudia Thompson. Who needs coffee when a wonderful woman can keep you up with a smile every day. There is so much control in her chaos that is a disheveled top and unmade bed. I am almost curious if who she appears to be looking for through that window is a man like me. The lovely lady is from London. And I'm packing my bags to go find her right this minute. There's no reason someone this lovely should look that lost looking out of a window. 

See England and America are like cousins. So I wouldn't even have to explain my culture to her because she's from overseas. And most of the folks where I'm from already really love their cousins. So I can just ask one of them how the process works. They throw this term kissing cousins around but I'm certain it doesn't mean actually kissing your real cousin. Just a strong attraction between two lovers that resemble a family like bond. It should almost be illegal how attractive this young lady is. If I was sheriff I'd sure throw her in some cuffs. No one should be allowed to assault men's eyes with such ridiculous amounts of beauty. 

Photo Credit: Lennart Bader