Completely Gorgeous And Absolutely Tiny Karoline Fully On Display

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aldo-vallon - February 11, 2018

How can we expect cats to stay off of counter tops if they see Karoline getting praised for it? To make matters worse, she is going to give that table a smell of fish, which will make it all the more enticing for a cat to want to get up their to investigate. Pretty irresponsible pet raising, if you ask me.

It is a good thing that my pet pig, Gustave, was not in the room when I looked at these pics, otherwise it could have caused quite the ruckus. Pigs are pretty intelligent, so seeing a woman on a table might put the idea into his mind that people are fair game for food. I do not need that type of drama in my household, I am paranoid enough as it is.

I don't want to lie in fear in my bed clutching my Swiss army knife, praying that Gustave keeps wobbling past my door. Every time he smells me from there on out I would be wondering if he was trying to find out what kind of spices would go best with me. Being a man that is unwilling to take risks like that, I would be forced to take him on a walk to the butcher's. So it's a good thing none of that happened.

Photo Credit: Nubiles.net

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