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bill-swift - January 15, 2016

Hot blonde model Cora Keegan never ceases to amaze, even when forced into artsy pictorial situations, she always finds a way to reveal her reveling pair of au natural sweet peaches to the world. That's called an epic compromise. Something for the ladies, something for the gentleman oglers, and the two can live together in harmony as Cora and I shall for one lost weekend. Not lost for me, I'll scrapbook. She might try to forget it.

Featured in Trendi magazine, which just sounds like something you might not want sitting on your front stoop for too long, Cora does all kinds of kitschy make up and costume stuff, that if you leaf through you will fall in lust with her as you approach her topless nuggets. I leaf through the ladies magazines so you don't have to. It's just my job five days a week. Six if you account for my naps. Cora, call me. Let's talk about obscure works of art and French politics while we're naked and touching each other in the dark. We can have coffee first if you like. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Trendi Magazine

Cora Keegan, naturally organically wicked hot.