Cora Keegan Topless Amid The Trees and Desert

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bill-swift - December 2, 2016

If I had to take a stab, I'd say photographer Sam Livm loves both hot topless blondes and the great outdoors. There is something to be said for the wonders of nature such as the redwood forests and stunning picturesque views of the western deserts. Though, I myself will stick to the wonders of nature more in line with a topless Cora Keegan. The blonde sextastic model set amid all these California landscapes in pursuit of a travel book you'd actually look through more than once.

Cora is one of those ribald au natural hotties who has no qualms about taking off her clothes for the benefit of the perfect shot. Or merely to make gaggles of gentleman oglers happy in their dens. Both are noble pursuits. Today, Cora, we salute you. The redwoods may stand tall, but you are the source of our uprightness today. That's poetry. You can borrow it if you like for your book. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Sam Livm