Courtnie Quinlan Big Bosoms And Cheeky Peeks For Page 3 Round Up

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bill-swift - March 3, 2016

My dearest Courtnie, how I have missed your so. Your funbags swaying gently in the wind, well not the wind so much as me blowing super hard in your living room trying to make your supremely fine melons thunder back and forth. I'm feeling kind of lightheaded now if you wouldn't mind helping them sway a bit under their own power.

I've been lusting over Page 3 hottie Courtnie Quinlans ta-ta's since the moment I first feasted peeps upon her fine female form. So simply alluring and curvaceous and wonderful. I'd like to dedicate a song to that booty. Maybe a building if I ever get more ambitious. Once again to be reminded of the sheer raw power of the heaven sent hotties baring their fine racks for the sole purpose of grins and tingles. Bless you, Courtnie. Alright, back to blowing. Enjoy.

Photo Credit: Page 3