Cutie Pie Jorden Is Lithe And Lusty And Always Ready To Play

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aldo-vallon - June 12, 2018

In photo shoots like these, I find myself wondering where it took place. Is this her actual bedroom where they decided to have this happen? Or did they happen to have a staged set made for this exact purpose? I have gotten pretty good at eyeing when they are in a hotel room.

There are a couple of adult film channels that make use of these spaces. I do not see the use in it. Why not invest in a place of your own to film in rather than paying for a room for every film? Hell, if I was in that business I would film in my own apartment. It might look cheap, but it would make my overhead practically nothing which would be great for my profit margins. It is just good business.

Jordan’s room looks very homey, but it lacks the personal touch, which is why I am questioning where it is. I can forgive there being no clothes on the ground, as would be normal, because she could have cleaned up for the shoot. But there would still be pictures around, right? I cannot remember ever being in a woman’s room that did not have unnecessary knickknacks scattered all over.


Photo Credit: Nubiles.net

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