Danielle Sellers Blue Nylons Topless on Couch, Enough Said

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bill-swift - January 7, 2017

For the men who love nylons on their already hot and busty visual treats, this peekaboo at blonde Britty bombshell Danielle Sellers teasing topless in blue nylons across her couch may be the last thing you see in this world. My heart is beating so fast you could set a System of a Down song to its percussion. That might make sense, it might not. It's the kind of stupid you suffer from ogling the spectacular body of Danielle Sellers.

Danielle is quickly rising in my own libido tracking ranks of sextastic bits of funbag sunshine I very much count on to brighten my day. It's the blonde hair and the smile and that absolutely smoking fine female form. You start tossing in nylons and garters and coquettish poses and I might have to change batteries on my pacemaker. No, not the one on my heart. Lower. Enjoy.

Photo credit: Layered Nylons