Derryn Lester Topless Blonde Hotness

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michael-garcia - August 3, 2016

Blonde bombshell Derryn Lester lost her top and so much more in this scintillating spread. She starts out teaseing us by covering up her jubblies with a cardigan or something by a pool. Then she loses that, and any other clothes, as she poses provocatively on rocks and bits of nature. Derryn has a killer rack on her. She's got the kind of ta-tas that make a man want to buy a condo and settle down with them. Her nipples will give you sweet dreams. Then there is her booty which looks good enough to gnaw on, but you resist that urge or else you'll get sued. Women like Derryn walk in an unseen world where we normal folks aren't allowed to see except in magazine pictorials like this. You would never see Derryn going to the supermarket or buying a cable for her iPhone at Best Buy. They hire people to do that.

So, we have to be satisfied with looking at them in pictures and dreaming of one day being rich and famous enough to go to a party where she is invited. 


Photo Credit: Marie B