Do Halle Berry’s Abs Look Kind Of Insane In New Insta Post? Well Let’s See Her Boobs Anyway

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earl-jonas - November 14, 2019


Halle Berry is being crowned the queen of #fitnessgoals with an ab-forward Insta pic posted this week, but some people like me are crowning her the queen of greasy Friday Night Lights teenage boy abs. She's fifty-three, so the fact that she looks like anything besides half a hamburger in a takeout box is a win. But I prefer a softer, more femininé glow to a lady. So I'm using this pic - which she's getting tons of attention from, just look:

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- as an excuse to shoehorn Halle's amazing on-screen nude scenes into a post. Natch. Just like Vice, I have 'some concerns' about boobie standards.

Head here for the full scenes