Don’t Miss This Sextastic Peek Of Topless Perfection From Demi Moore In “No Small Affair”

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aldo-vallon - January 2, 2019

One thing I can say about this movie is that the title is not lying. No Small Affair may not be a cinematic masterpiece, but it does showcase the masterpieces that are Demi Moore’s fun bags. I have never been more envious of Ashton Kutcher than I am now after seeing these pics. He has never seemed like a guy who was a lot going for. He’s got some moderately good looks, a moderately successful film career, and what seems like a moderately likeable personality.

All in all, if I was to freaky Friday with someone I think I could do better, unless of course it was with Ashton circa 2005-2013. I might as well throw in Bruce Willis circa 1987-2000 and Freddy Moore circa 1980-1985 if time travel is being thrown into the mix. No need to box myself out of her prime.

I have always known that Demi Moore was a babe, but sometimes I forget about her peak hotness. Time has a way of doing that to people. Sometimes I forget about my own peak hotness. Granted, that was a small window of time, and it was never a very high peak, but it is important to remember that it existed.




Photo Credit: Mr. Skin