East Coast Hottie Maddy Topless Summertime

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michael-garcia - September 10, 2016

Blond hottie Maddy gets topless like some kind of woodland nymph in nature in this sexy spread for Yume Magazine. There is something primordially sexy about a naked woman in nature. That's because we spent most of our evolutionary history seeing just that. It was a sad day when clothes were invented. Thanks a lot, Neanderthals. But we can relive those good old days with nature girls like Maddy who don't mind baring some skin in the great outdoors. She's got a pretty amazing rack. I'm no fetishist, but I want to be suckled by her. Really, Maddy has the whole package going. She's got a terrific booty and you can even see the opening of her garden of Earthly delights. This is the kind of spread that makes this job so awesome.

Soon the seasons will change and the hotties will stop frolicking in the nude. But at least there is pumpkin spice lattes to be had. <- Sarcasm. 


Photo Credit: Yume Magazine