Elizabeth Elam Beachy Topless

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michael-garcia - August 30, 2016

Luscious plum Elizabeth Elam got sandy and topless in this photo spread for Yume Magazine. She starts out in some skimpy bikinis, getting all wet and sandy. That would normally be enough to satiate the appetites. But then she takes off her top and the fun really starts. First she does the covered topless bit, as a tease. It worked. I want more and she gives us more. What a gal! Her funbags are out of control. They are sick nice, as a 1990's skateboarder might have said. They look like they could really do some nice bouncing. I bet if you had her jump on a trampoline it would be the greatest thing any of us have ever witnessed. Missed opportunity, Yume Magazine.

Elizabeth is an up and coming model that we've been seeing more of, (no pun intended), lately. I look forward to seeing those ta-tas more in the future. 


Photo Credit: Yume Magazine