Elle Brittain Gets Topless

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michael-garcia - September 28, 2016

Extremely well-endowed model Elle Brittain took off her top and unleashed her mammoth jugs for Off The Rails Magazine. To say that Elle has big 'ol funbags is an understatement. These things are massive. They deserve their own zip code they are so big. I'd like to write them a litter of how much I admire them to said zip code. I would say I would like to motorboat her but I'm afraid that I'd get whiplash from those giant lady pillows slapping against my head. I would like to snuggle up to them and go to sleep though. Elle is super hot, though, and has a body that is delectable. She's one of my favorite topless models. She's in these kinds of magazines a lot. If you had ta-tas like those you would want to show them off too. Who can blame her? 

She's also sucking on a lollipop in another picture. That makes me think very bad thoughts...which I guess is the point. 


Photo Credit: Off The Rails Magazine