Elyse Jean For Topless Playboy Cybergirl Of The Month

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bill-swift - April 14, 2016

CyberGirl of the month is beginning to become a rather lofty title. A signature award that tells the world you look really amazing naked. Like a Nobel Prize if they ever gave those out for something useful. Elyse Jean was tapped as the new Playboy Cybergirl of the month and judging from my own feelings leering at the naturally put together tinier-topped blonde hottie, I'd have to say, great choice.

While Playboy proper always and forever focused on the buxom gals with the mighty bazoongas, PlayboyPlus and the digital arm might just have a better feel for what the kids and their parents are all into these days. Organically grown sweet hotties who you might see waking across the campus at State. If I saw Elyse Jean walking across campus, I'd enroll in that college immediately. I'd look forward to be thrown out of s second college. You know, after spying on her in the showers. Enjoy. 

Photo Credit: Playboy Plus