Elyse Jean Topless Legwarmers Cybergirl of the Month Photoshoot

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bill-swift - May 6, 2016

The legwarmers seem excessive. But I'll allow for some accessories when it comes to the finest of the fine, the hottest of the hot, the most righteous of the ridiculously hot naked ladies who come forth bearing gifts of the gander worthy kind. Such as the latest and greatest Cybergirl of the Month, Elyse Jean. As if you couldn't pick a more innocent sounding girl. Or a more sextastic one.

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Elyse removes her clothes down to the bare lady nest, which is really essential to receiving the full standing ovation from her admirers. She's a brilliant tease who doesn't tease for long. I'd call that all kinds of perfect. A blessing from our friends at PlayboyPlus. And one giant ogly for mankind. Elyse, please don't ever stop doing exactly what you're doing. You give more pleasure than you realize. Enjoy.

Photo credit: PlayboyPlus